Google I/O 2017 – Trends in Natural Language Generation and Translation Tech

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I recently spoke to 800+ techies at the Google I/O 2017 conference.

The event confirmed my strong belief that Vietnam is an exceptional place for building an information technology company.

In 2016, Gartner has ranked Vietnam as a tier 1 Emerging-Market Location for IT offshore services and the best in Asia. With growing talent pool in IT consisting of young, tech-savvy individuals and a supportive ecosystem for tech startups, Vietnam is set to be an attractive destination for IT solution providers in the region.

In his presentation I painted an overall picture of Vietnam’s competitiveness, then looked at one major competing factor which is fluency in English. Then I talked about the emerging game changing technologies of natural language processing and language translation technologies and how they will make English fluency much less important. Imagine you can communicate in real time (chat/talk/video) in two languages without either party understanding a word of the other. This will soon be a reality and it will change the competitive landscape. I finished up by talking about some current examples of the tech at work including our own at Realtor Profiler.

Here is the presentation.

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